Human Resource (HRD) in The Arbanat Cafe

We are looking for a competent Human Resource Manager to direct and oversee the company’s HR plans in ways that support our mission and overall strategy.

This position has high accountability and reports directly to the CEO. We want candidates who can prove they are leaders and strategic thinkers, effective people managers and problem-solvers. If you are all these, and you have a solid HR background, we want to talk to you.

The goal is to promote the role of strategic HR and ensure the long-term success of both HR and the organization as a whole.

Description Established in Malang, The Arbanat Cafe, continues to deliver the traditional taste of Javanese cuisine for over hundreds years. The modern influences will not effect our invariable tradition, but will orchestrate our business objectively a decade at a time. Situated in the heart of culinary town and tourist destination, Malang, we present the one and only Javanese fusion restaurant in town.  Brought the mix of Javanese and Western culture in one place, we are not seeing just from a business stance, but constantly increasing the cultivation of Javanese cuisine of a hundreds year old way of life is of more meaningful. Establishing a business that is rich in emotional satisfaction over material things is desired. With this principle concept in mind, we continue the chase in achieving a space for smiles and happiness through culture and our prided Javanese culture, in Indonesia.
Industry HRD Staff
Job type Full Time
Salary Range RP1000000 RP3000000
Application Deadline 06/30/2017
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