HartLogic Event Organizer

What is HartLogic Event?

Pursuing the vision of HartLogic, “Supporting Entrepreneurs around the world”, gives some distinct challenges for the team. We, HartLogic, have prepared the missions to bring the vision into a reality. One of the implementations of our missions is through conducting the events.

HartLogic has prepared some events for the Entrepreneurs to participate, join and even to organize them. These events are not limited as a mere event conducted by HartLogic, it is about how HartLogic provides the access to people involving more in various ways of being the Entrepreneurs.

What is HartLogic Organizer

HartLogic gives the opportunity for people like you who are willing to organize the HartLogic Events. These people are called as the HartLogic Organizer.

Organizers’ responsibilities

Indeed, you will have some responsibilities once you are ready to become one of HartLogic Organizer such as:

  1. Conduct event at least once per month.
  2. Have a meeting with HartLogic Team at least once per month.
  3. Be responsible for the activities in the D-day of the events.
  4. Make sure the event is not violating the regulations made by HartLogic and based on the law in Indonesia.
  5. Maintain a good relationship with the parties involved in the event.
  6. Make the concept and implementation.
  7. Give the information about the needs of the event at least one week before the event
  8. A plus point if you can use a video editor app

Read more http://company.hartlogic.com/participate/organize/

Company Name HartLogic
Description HartLogic began in 2012 by solving business problems as a successful technology, creative and media consultant. Today, HartLogic devoted to develop entrepreneurs by doing people development, event management, and consulting. HartLogic’s vision is supporting entrepreneurs around the world with “Kita Wujudkan, Sekarang.” as the official tagline. HartLogic’s employees are dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs on earth and to execute new ideas of social and business solutions.

HartLogic is not a conventional organization, we collaborate to win together.
– Bernhart Farras, Founder of HartLogic.

About HartLogic

HartLogic is an entrepreneurship platform which supports the entrepreneurs around the world by developing entrepreneurs and building companies. HartLogic’s vision is supporting entrepreneurs around the world with “Kita Wujudkan, Sekarang.” as the official tagline. In fact, everything we do — from the global <a href=”http://www.hartlogic.com/insights”>Insights</a> to the multinational entrepreneur’s <a href=”http://www.hartlogic.com/community”>community</a>, from our <a href=”http://www.hartlogic.com/events”>events</a> to our <a href=”http://products.hartlogic.com/”>products</a>, from our <a href=”http://incubator.hartlogic.com/”>Incubator</a> to our <a href=”http://ventures.hartlogic.com/”>ventures</a> — is driven by this goal: How can we give the best support for entrepreneurs?

Our Mission

HartLogic is committed to supporting entrepreneurs by creating new connections, enabling collaborations, improving personal skills, providing knowledge, and building companies.

Company Information

  • HartLogic founder is Bernhart Farras. HartLogic started out in the bedroom of founder Bernhart Farras in 2012.
  • HartLogic running the organization by doing people development, event management, and consulting.
  • In 2015 <a href=”http://company.hartlogic.com/hartlogic-reborn/”>HartLogic reborn </a>created from a collaboration of Java Indonesia Clothes, Learn to Share Academy, HartLogic Media, HartLogic Technology and HartLogic Creative with supporting business as the vision of HartLogic.
  • In 2016 HartLogic transformation. Our organization transformed the vision from supporting business to supporting entrepreneurs around the world.
  • The site officially launched on May 20th, 2016 as the official founding date of HartLogic. At the end of the first year in operation, HartLogic had a total of 1,500 members.
Job Category Other
Job type Freelance
Salary Range RP1000000 RP3000000
Application Deadline 09/03/2017
Send CV to hr@hartlogic.com


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