Freelance Host (Tour Leader)

Job Title
Freelance Host (Tour Leader)
Job Description ABOUT THE ROLE

TravelPeople Hosts (or traditionally called Tour Leaders) are the centerpiece of any TravelPeople trips.

The reason why we choose the name TravelPeople is because we believe that in any trip, Travel and People are equally important. The destinations and activities are important but the people you meet during the trip and the friendship bonded may last longer than the trip’s memories. Therefore, we believe that the presence of a “Host” is crucial in making any trip a memorable one. This is the differentiation we have compared to other trip providers who don’t really put much focus on this aspect.


To be a Host, you must be young (20-38 y.o.), energetic, with a passion for travel (can showcase multiple travel experiences). You must love people (and people seem to love you too!).

You need to be someone who takes initiative and have leadership skills, while still is sensitive to other’s needs. You also need to be organized and professional in your conduct, and able to speak up and be direct when needed. English speaking proficiency will be a plus; so do mention that on your application.

As a Host it is your responsibility to ensure every participant feel like they are welcomed and are part of the group. You should actively encourage everyone to get to know each other, create ice-breaking moments and remember everyone’s names and backgrounds. You need to care about their needs above yours, which means sometimes you have to be sensitive because they might not tell it to you upfront. Sometimes there might be some people who are less approachable, or little ‘cliques’ that needs to broken up a bit. You must earn trust from participants by showing your professional side, and set example: be energized and ready in the mornings, give out positive vibe and keep the mood positive whenever you can, even when things don’t go to plan.

Sometimes you are also expected to be direct and take control when situations pushes you to be, and lead the group to ensure the overall group experience is still enjoyable. You need to be professional but friendly at a personal level. Be on schedule but be flexible when required.

Your responsibilities may extend beyond the actual duration of the trip. Before the trip you must be in touch with all participants to remind them about the meeting point, things to bring etc. After the trip, it’s good to stay in touch and ensure you’ve closed the trip off well (share photos, contacts, etc.).

Lastly, you are also expected to be on top of the more admin stuff: take photo documentations, collect any extra money for additional food/drinks/activities, sort out paperwork if any, negotiate with locals, sort out the tips for drivers, etc.

This is a great opportunity for those who love to travel and meet a diverse set of new people & expand their network. The arrangement is also flexible, where you can keep your current full time and do this job on weekends, public holidays or long weekends. We will work with you to figure out your trip schedules!


Here is a list of benefits we offer for a Host:

·       You get to travel to many exotic Indonesian destinations for free (including all transport and accommodation).

·       You will be compensated with a fee (TBC for each trip).

·       You will be working closely and are able to learn from the team at TravelPeople who has years of experience which includes: Marketing Consulting, FMCG, Event organizing, Brand Management, Activation, Design, Blogging, Tourism, Accounting, Finance and many more.

·       You will gain priceless networking as a result of meeting with TravelPeople participants which can come from a variety of industry background.


Company Name
Company Description We love to travel and we love Indonesia!

TravelPeople is a travel organizer based in Jakarta with a focus in organizing trips to unique Indonesian destinations, and we service both Indonesian and overseas clients. What differentiates us from other travel agencies are; we focus on mainly Indonesian destinations, and cater for a smaller groups from 2 to 15 people.

TravelPeople is founded in 2014 by Kennita Kurniawan and Monika Budiman, two best friends who love traveling. While they have spent most of their adult time in Australia to study and work, currently they have decided to live in their hometown in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Our Belief

It is our belief that everyone should make time for travel, no matter how busy we are. We believe that apart from being a much-needed break, travel also exposes us to the world outside of our own, giving us a clearer perspective of life.

Our Mission

At the core of TravelPeople, we hope to raise more awareness of the many tourism destinations in Indonesia among fellow Indonesians & people of the world. While everyone is familiar with Bali, the world have been missing out on a lot of other beautiful, rich, meaningful destinations, spread across this amazing archipelago we call home.

Opening type Freelance
City Jakarta
Salary Range Below Rp1,000,000
Application Deadline 10-9-2016
Send CV to:



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