Corporate Finance Analyst – Intern

What will you do:

• Forecast business’s money (knowing where it is and where it come from)
• Look for ways to free up capital, increase profitability, and decrease expenses
• Look at the best growth path for the company
• Analyze revenue and expenses to ensure effective use of capital
• Advise businesses about project costs, make capital investments, and structure deals to help companies grow
• Compile all the financial data needed to issue a company’s financial statements in accordance with government regulations

Desirable Candidate:

• Majoring in finance/accounting/banking or equivalent
• Have strong analytical and quantitative skills
• Enjoy and excel at solving problems
• Be able to think critically about the numbers you’re working with
• Have strong attention to detail
• Understanding and interest in business
• Can effectively evaluate business scenarios and recommend a course of action based on quantitative research

Company Name Taralite
Description Taralite is a financial technology startup that focuses on lending money to the unbankables. Study have shown that only 60 millions out of 250 millions Indonesians have bank accounts and out of those 60 millions, only some are eligible to apply for a loan from financial institution. Due to this lack of access, many Indonesians live their life without fulfilling their potential. That is why we exist. We are here to provide affordable loans that will help Indonesians to live up to their potential and enjoy memorable moments in life such as marriage and education. With interest rate from 0.99% each month, we are ready to serve you from all across Indonesia and revolutinize Indonesia’s underdeveloped loan markets. If you are up for the challenge, please send your resume to and be part of a revolution!
Industry Banking Financial Services
Job type Magang
Salary Range RP1000000 RP3000000
Application Deadline 04/30/2017
Send CV to


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