Marketing & Sales Support

Marketing & Sales Support Job Duties:

  • Generates and processes new sales leads as necessary
  • Answers phone calls from customers and deals with problems as they arise
  • Takes sales information and puts it into an easily readable format
  • Follows up with customers to make sure that they are satisfied with a particular product
  • Provides any necessary data or reports to the sales team
  • Exerts attention to detail, as customers may have the same problems; reports the problems as necessary
  • Acknowledges customers by responding to emails, texts, and phone calls
  • Updates all contact information of customer
  • Deals with any customer complaints and resolves the issue as necessary
  • Does any necessary administrative work including filing reports or presenting sales team with necessary documents

Sales Support Skills and Qualifications:

People Person, Time Oriented, Great Verbal and Written Communication Skills, Basic Math Skills, Basic Computer Literacy, Consumer Relations, Consumer Complaints, Crisis Management, Reporting Skills, Administrative Skills, Attention to Detail

Company Name Asana Batik
Description Asana was created as a contemporary ready-to-wear batik brand for both men and women for everyday wear. Inspired by the endless beauty of Indonesian traditional fabrics and patterns, the cornerstone of our products is modern batik designs combined with up-to-date styles.  We continuously developing innovative batik patterns that represent the spirit of Indonesian batik in a fresh way.

The brand brings fashion and style to its collections while combining creativity and functionality. It prides itself on high quality and uncompromising standard to ensure customer’s satisfaction through superior product and trend knowledge, with a through understanding on the importance of durability and comfort.

The craftsmanship put into our products can be seen at first glance.  We use only premium materials as well as quality tailoring.  Our design does not stop at fashion and beauty.  Each of our products is engineered to offer the greatest value at the best price.

Job Category Support
Job type Magang
Salary Range BELOW RP1000000
Application Deadline 11/07/2017


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